What purpose can a grant be applied for?

Grants are awarded to people interested in the Russian language and culture. They are intended for Finns studying Russian language and culture and for developing teaching. Among other things, grants are awarded for scholarships for students and for studies in Russia, for the development of teaching materials and curricula, for ‘language nests’ at day-care centres and extracurricular activities in Russian in comprehensive schools, for teachers’ further training, and for other activities in line with the purpose of the fund.

Who can apply for a grant and when?

Grants are as a rule granted once a year. The starting date for the application period will be announced on the Cultura Foundation website, on social media channels, and in the national newspapers.

Grants can be applied for by Finnish private persons, Finnish working groups, and communities that are registered in Finland and have been in operation for at least one year. Finnish private persons and working groups means people who are either Finnish citizens or who have a permanent Finnish residence permit.

The executive board of Cultura Foundation confirms the decisions made by the board of directors of the Anniversary Fund. Notification of successful grant applicants will be made through the grant processing system on the Foundation’s website within two months of the expiration of the application period.

More information

Project Manager Irma Kettunen, tel. 0400 548 248, email irma.kettunen(at)culturas.fi
The rules of the Fund for the 150th Anniversary of Regular Legislative Work in Finland (PDF)